My mother and her ex-daughter-in-law shared the same first and last name. My ex-sister-in-law has ruined her credit ratings, and now my mother is having issues with her checks, charge cards, etc., due to sharing the same name. Creditors are not bothering to look at Social Security numbers. Is there any way to repair my mother’s credit? – Scott

Untangling your mother’s credit information may be a headache. Mixed credit files, also known as co-mingled reports, are notoriously difficult to straighten out, says Gerry Detweiler, personal finance expert at

The first order of business is for your mother to request her credit reports from all three major credit reporting agencies — TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. She is entitled to receive one free copy per year from each agency through With that information in hand, says Detweiler, she should dispute all mistakes with the credit reporting bureaus in writing. He recommends submitting those disputes via certified mail with return receipt requested. Your mother should include copies of any documentation that backs up her side of the story.

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