Your 790 credit score might not be as great as you think it is.

For example, while a FICO score of 790 out of 850 is considered excellent, it’s merely mediocre on the VantageScore model — which tops out at 990.

Overall, the eight most common credit scores used by lenders and consumers range from as low as 150 to as high as 990, according to a new Credit Sesamediagram created by John Ulzheimer, president of consumer education at and a former manager at FICO.

The three major credit bureaus, TransUnion, Experian and Equifax each have their own scores. TransUnion’s TransRisk score ranges from 300 to 850 and the Equifax Credit Score ranges from 280 to 850. Meanwhile, one Experian score ranges from 360 to 840 and another ranges from 330 to 830. And then there’s the score the bureaus created together, the VantageScore, which ranges from 501 to 990.

All of these different scoring models can make it hard to know how you’re actually being assessed by a lender. While most lenders look at a FICO score to gauge an applicant’s risk, consumers typically attain non-FICO scores from consumer websites and credit reporting agencies, said Ulzheimer.

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